Samsung Smart View – Taking Remote Control to the Next Level

Publisher: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Last update: 10 months ago
Size: 17.92M
Compatibility: Varies with device
Price: free
Get it on: Google Play

There is no better way to enjoy your mobile media playback than on your television. Samsung developers have managed to crack this case with their all-new Samsung Smart View Android app. Have you wondered how to enjoy mobile content such as live stream TV, sports, movies, and sports? Well, with this apk, you have all the benefits of touching and tapping, right from the comfort of your couch.


Samsung Electronics has managed to tickle my fancy with their eye-catching encapsulation of the Smart TV interface with a smartphone. After the apk download, I noticed striking excellence with which the developers of the Smart View app have executed the app. The app is able to access all your media apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Live TV which contain the media you would like to stream to TV. Below the app list is a list of your most played, recently played, and featured videos.


The Samsung Smart app features some of the most amazing smartphone remote features. After the download, the free app will have a Wake on Wireless feature which turns on TV in standby mode. To use this feature, you need to turn on Bluetooth. The Google Android app features a sleep function that prevents your phone from sleeping once paired with your TV. The developers have included a vibrate feature that provides you with tactile information on your usage of the app. For recent TV models, there is a location feature that enables the app to discover several TV’s in proximity. What more do you need? This is a perfect app for all Android devices. Operating a TV with the app won’t be so hard, and you never have to worry about the line of sight as long as you’re on the same network.


A few questions have been raised concerning the performance abilities of the Samsung Smart View app. The Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates fast bulk data transfer which ensures no lags and delays in media playback. However, the voice control is not as good as I expected. It will work only if the channel is a whole number. For instance, if I say “channel 51”, it plays the channel with no problem, however, if I say “channel 54.1”, the Google Play app for Android won’t work. I do not think that the voice control feature was fine-tuned with current channel listings in mind. The app is stable with no major crash reports from its millions of users.


The app is free on Google Play Store and will serve you as a good leading tool for the ultimate TV experience, especially if you update to the latest version. You will have to make do with some ads, but they are out of the way and will not interfere with your navigation.

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