Four Reasons Your Company Should Drug Test


Deciding on whether or not to drug test is a crucial thing for many businesses, as it can be expensive as well as lead to unnecessary legal implications. There are many laws in which drug testing within the workplace needs to be followed, so to be sure and follow them exactly right is something the business needs to implement.

However, because the benefits outweigh the risks as well as the costs, drug testing definitely is something that each business should consider thoroughly and completely. Because of the risks of not drug testing potential or current employees, it makes sense to do drug testing both before and during employment.

Here’s how the drug testing process goes:

So the real question is:

Should your company drug test?

Most of the time the answer will be yes, as again, it protects your company as well as other employees within. To give a clearer and precise reason why your company should in fact drug test, here are four benefits to drug testing before and during employment:

  1. To not allow those who do use drugs work for your company, as drug use ultimately results in negativity within the workplace for the employee and others.
  2. Liability issues for the company; if a person under the use of drugs gets hurt in the workplace, you are responsible for the medical care of the employee.
  3. It protects current employees and customers. Someone who is under the use of a drug is most likely unstable which may lead to violence and/or other things unprofessional.
  4. To take part in the responsibility in which they have to the community and those around them. To allow drug users to work for you shows that you are supporting their drug use by employing them. To have high standards and drug test before and during employment ensures that those who do use drugs are not able to work for you.